Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever – The Ultimate Bloody Adventure


My movie review will be for all those who really fancy horror movies and know what they want from them (sense, plot, accurate story, good scares and fine scripts): Do not watch this movie, or at least do not expect it to be good. For the ones who watch pseudohorrors just for the sake of seeing people swimming into a pool of blood and still living – Cabin Fever Two is for you.

This is the sequel to the Cabin Fever, a quite appreciated movie created by Eli Roth, which came out in 2002. Unlike the first installment, the second one is quite unnaturally dull and senseless. Firstly, I must express the lack of intellect. There are no scary moments. There is no suspense. There can never be seen any thrill. There are the very vast and often used extremely graphical scenes when blood spills, erupts, bursts and so on.

We also witness some moments such as a nail being stuck back under the skin after falling and a sex scene between the King of the Prom ball and one really obese female. Seems like the director of this movie Ti West, who at the end had to disown it due to arguments with the producers, did not really do that well.

The story has two lines.

One is about our main character John (Noah Segan) who is trying to ask his old time friend Cassie (Alexi Wasser) to the school’s Prom and in the mean time avoid being kicked too hard by her something-like-boyfriend.

The other is about a deadly virus, being transferred and spread around the town through a locally produced and much liked bottled water. The virus attacks soft tissues and spreads throughout the entire body until the victim finally starts bleeding through every possible hole there is on the human body. Deputy Winston (Giuseppe Andrews), known from the first movie, is the only one trying to solve the mystery around the town. At first he gets to a crime scene. He announces to the driver of a school bus that they had hit a moose and lets them go, only to find seconds later a leg near the road, indicating that something a lot different than a moose was hit.

At the end of the day we get to see even the swat, or whatever other special team would manage such a case, and a vicious attack at the poor students right at their own Prom.
The worst thing is that the team has left an open ending as to what will happen next, because one of the infected people did manage to escape all the road-blocks and safety measures and leave town.

This movie is not likeable to achieve anything and for me and it is totally straight-to-VHS material (you would ask “Who uses VHS?” and that is the idea – no one. And it should not be seen from more than that).


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