Dead Snow – Who said Norwegians can’t make Zombie flicks?

Okay, here we go again… Zombies.

I know we kind of get too much of them lately, but this time we have a different point of view on the matter. Dead Snow is a Norwegian production in Norwegian, based in the high lands of the mountains, where life is only skiing, snowboarding, snow-fighting and when inside the cabin – love, kisses and a lot of booze. Or at least this is what a group of friends thinks when it gets there for a vacation.

Everything seems okay until they start to disappear and at some point the ones left become enclosed in the awfully small cabin (since we don’t see more than one-two rooms of it) with no way out, because they were absolutely surrounded by … Zombies. Well, the interesting thing for the ones who aren’t that much into the genre might be the fact that these are actually undead from the Second World War and are after a box of theirs, currently in the possession of the humans. Would what happened have happened if the humans knew that and threw it right away outside? We cannot know, because they did not know and so we are lead to another example of the eternal battle – Good versus Evil. The human race versus the undead German Nazi zombies.

So what is the good about this flick? What made me happy is the fact that the producers and the writers didn’t take it too serious. There are big amounts of fun and irony in the movie, which really take off the pressure of the somewhat overused topic.

There is also blood. Lots of it. And who doesn’t like blood, gore and a man with his guts out, dragging them after himself while trying to save himself from battalion of Germans? Yes, it is that graphical. However, to some the use of funny-looking digitalized blood might seem a bit distracting or unreal, but when you watch a movie about one of the ultimate fantasy and mythological monster clans, who knows what “real” is.

So how did the actors do? They were fine. Considering the fact that the roles aren’t so specific or strange, they were fine. The characters were just a few simple young men and women who wanted to take some time off the city life and have some fun. Who is stranger to this? They are quite boring to be honest. Of course, when all of the main guys must die (because at the end everyone is dead) why bother with fine lines and script for them?

To summarize: the movie might not be “la crème de la crème” but it definitely has a thing or two which can make you content. It has everything zombie movies have and is not the usual American style and point of view, no matter what some say. Even if the impression of difference and variety is only because of the language, it still differs.



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